Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ultimate Love

Ever since I was a child I always seemed to be impacted by the emotions of those around me more than others. I have often times found my self being the listener and trying to do everything in my power to comfort others. Today a person I care about very much had a terrible thing happen to him. My friend., Darren, found his best friend after he had committed suicide. I had no idea how to comfort him and spent the entire day trying to become a place of solace for him. That night I found consolation in tears and a phone call to my Mother. While talking I realized I had learned a lesson I had not intended to learn. The death of Zach, a person that I had not known that well had impacted me to an extent beyond measure. Knowing what had happened to Zach was hard but what was unbearable was the pain I felt because of the pain his death had brought to those I care about. Seeing Darren and many other friends go through such a trying time had impacted me. I then realized that if their pain was becoming my pain to the extent it was, how much greater was Christ's pain and our Father in Heavens pain. I realized that they both have an ultimate love. Love that is beyond measure. Everytime I cry, he crys with me. He feels my pain and goes through every minute of anger, sadness, and grief right along with me. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have an ultimate love for me and for everyone upon this Earth. I have never felt their love so strong before. We all find ourselves in moments of weakness and doubt, feeling alone and disheartened, if we open our hearts in the moment of despair. They will enter and fill the empty, bring calm to the chaos, and companionship to the lonesome. I know that Christ loves me and you. I know that you have a Father in Heaven who loves you and who loves me. I am his daughter and he is always by my side. I have hope through their love.

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