Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

     Today I walked into my english 2010 class and the song ,"The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers" was playing. I hadn't heard that song in such a long time. It made me laugh at first but as I walked home I kept thinking about it. What made Tigger so wonderful? Why was he so unique? What makes me wonderful? Why am I special? Am I unique?
       Each one of us is a child of God and we, like Tigger, are wonderful and unique. I know that I am a daughter of God. I am special. There is no one else in the world like me. No one, no matter how hard they try, can imitate me exactly because I am special, I am unique in my own way.
      The past few months and weeks have been a whirlwind for me. I have been frustrated with feeling like I could never meet the bar, I could never fulfill everyone's expectations of me. As I look back I realize how much the knowledge that I was a daughter of God helped me through these moments. I have felt very alone, but the knowledge that I have a father in Heaven who is there for me, even in those moments when I feel far from him, has helped me endure my trials. It has led me to become patient with myself and try to be patient with those around me.
     I believe that at one moment or another in our lives we all feel like we have fallen short. That we have become worthless. We feel as though we have become insignificant, we have fallen and been trodden on by the feet of those we know and even love. I am here to testify that we are not insignificant. We can have hope and realize our Godly potential if we but come to rely upon the testimony that we can gain of our infinite worth of children of God. In those moments when you feel you cannot take one more step, you cannot fulfill one more duty or accomplish one more task, if you look up and remember where you came from you will receive the courage and strength to make it one more day.
    I promise that there is nothing that we have done that is to great for the atonement of Jesus Christ not to heal. There is nothing we can do that will change the fact that our Heavenly Father loves us. If we repent of our shortcomings we will become the glorious sons and daughters that our Heavenly Father knows we can be. He sees us as an infinite being with infinite potential. We matter to him. We matter to our Savior, and through his atonement, we may be made whole from anything we feel is holding us back. Through our Savior we can do the impossible.
    I know that no matter what trials we face today, or tomorrow, we can make it through. We can endure and we can do it with a smile on our faces. We can be reminded of our divine potential and worth. We like Tigger are wonderful and unique. Each one of us has something that defines us, something that no one else has. Be proud of your differences, your talents, and your worth as a child of God. I know that my God will help me and knows who I am. He knows my weaknesses and my strengths. I know my savior will carry my through as he will for you. Celebrate your worth everyday. Don't forget who you Father is and who that makes you.